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Welcome to Mathuna's Tower!

[Mathuna's Study] 
The tower room's high-beamed ceiling and four open windows give the illusion of open space. In one corner a comfortable chair sits beside the hearth. Facing the room is a large desk, and near the desk stands an open scroll chest.  Covering the floor is a large lionskin rug, and near to the south window is a staircase leading down. Obvious paths: none.

look Mathuna
You see Mage Smith Mathuna, the Nightwalker.
He appears to be a centaur of indeterminate age wrapped in shadows.
He has dark skin, glittering silver eyes, a drooping blue-black mustache, and long blue-black hair braided with silver beads, and a deep night black equine body.
he is not holding anything at the moment.
He is wearing a silver toothpick, a black bear skin cloak, a silk vest edged with embroidered oak leaves, a corded leather belt decorated with bear claws and amber, a dark green linen shirt embroidered with gold and silver threads, a bear headed gold and silver torc, a small fox skin pouch with the tail still attached, a wrist sundial, a green hat pin, a polished bear-claw necklace, and a bronze armband formed from writhing serpents.

Greetings visitors, I am Gamemaster Mathuna, of Simutronics' The Alliance of Heroes.   Welcome to my home on the web.

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